A Greater Milestone: Vectolabs-UiTM MoU

Vectolabs Technologies is pleased to announce that Vectolabs and UiTM has officially formalized a collaboration encapsulated with the signing of MOU on 6 May 2019 at 2.30pm in at Ruang Legar, Canseleri, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Shah Alam.
The signing was witnessed by Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC) CEO – Dato’ Norhalim Yunus and Director of Research Innovation Business Unit (RIBU) – Professor Dr. Nooritawati Md. Tahir.
The MOU marks a substantial milestone for the team to further creating a better innovation for smart city solutions and encourage the growth towards Industry 4.0.
We have been working closely with Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FKE) and RIBU for our radar vehicle detector. Vectolabs Technologies is planning to integrate this device into our smart street light and smart traffic lights portfolio.
Faizal was also given the opportunity to give a speech and he made a few solid points which includes:
  1. In order to create good engineering jobs for local graduates, we (Malaysian) should design and innovate our own valuable products.
  2. Universities have strengths and weaknesses that are inherent as part of being Universities. They have capabilities to perform deep and complicated research. Companies should not engage to expect short term product development.
  3. We need academics and industry to spend more time together. There is no substitution of just being in the same place. Real collaboration happens slowly. We get to know UiTM staff and UiTM staff got to know Vectolabs and we found ways to work together.
  4. Engage company with long term vision
Hope this will be the first of many upcoming achievements for Vectolabs Technologies and ultimately the company will be a significant and credible smart solution provider for the ASEAN region.

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