A predictive battery life sensor by Vectolabs

IN its objective towards creating a better interface communication tool for cars in prevention of sudden car breakdowns, home-grown Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider Vectolabs Technologies Sdn Bhd has rolled out a user-friendly plug and play device – system monitoring automotive technology (SMAT).

The device will consistently detect and analyse waveform of a car even when it is in a static position.

“Our device is able to continuously detect and analyse battery voltage, car starter, alternator, odometer and even engine sensors,” noted the Cyberjaya-based Vectolabs CEO and founder Faizal Ali.

Car owners will be alerted immediately when a breakdown symptom is identified. Even with no knowledge in cars, owners are able to identify the root cause of an issue which makes the device cost-savvy.

Vectolabs which started out of a garage in California has collaborated with Bateriku.com whereby the latter will provide a full on-site battery delivery and replacement services while Vectolabs produces the predictive car maintenance device.

The SMAT device has the ability to capture the vehicle waveform during starting besides capturing the vehicle status from the controller area network.

The waveform will enable Bateriku.com to know whether it is a battery problem or other failure modes which requires the car to be towed to the service centre.

Bateriku.com’s technicians will be able to provide the right product to a vehicle almost instantaneously upon retrieving data provided from our device. This will also prevent car owners from being stuck with a dead battery.

Meanwhile, the device is compatible with any on board diagnostic port available in any car and it is cost free to Bateriku.com’s end-user.

In addition, the device is also able to gather drivers’ driving pattern and develop a risk profile – a valuable data – to insurance companies that are adopting usage-based insurance. – Dec 2, 2020

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